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For newer vehicles, covered by Euro 5 and Euro 6 standards, the information you need may be found in section D2 of your DVLA V5C registered keeper form, the RAC said.

Owners of older models will need to find out when their vehicle was manufactured and check it with the emissions bands on the Certificat-air website.

The RAC said it believes that nine per cent of French vehicles are too old to get a sticker at all.A total of 22 other French towns are also mulling over introducing the emissions certification system by 2020, which would ultimately make applying for a sticker almost a necessity if you're planning to drive to France from the UK for holidays.London has plans in place for an ultra low emissions zone, which will also hit cars seen as the most polluting - and older vehicles - in the area currently within the Congestion Charge zone. Neighter the reputation of the manufacturers and their committment, which otherwise will get tarnished. Some people, particularly local dealers say that some of the online vendors give used ones, and that they dont pay taxes, and that the service will not be provided, and that the service may be on back-to-back basis. We cannot question the integrity of amazon like vendors.

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