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I would fund a new, serious competitive site if I had a partner who would help design and code the backend.R36, As I said earlier, it's the exact same look now as it was in late 2000/early 2001.I've been a member of B411 since 2001 and it's been run and kept the exact same way all this time.

I did some research on the domains and found out that the domain owner had had tons of complaints against him but the gov't has no recourse since their servers are located off-shore. They don't delete your account so their membership shows higher than it is.Unfortunately in recent years, it's become more infested with the circuit crowd who aren't pretty circuit bois anymore and who want to pose as 'bears' because they've gained crix belly or no longer want to shave.Then, of course, you have you giant, obese guys who join but still, the site has been welcoming to them. Hopefully a real site will come along that will do the same thing, which won't gouge people and will be true to giving bearish guys an alternative to the hook-up sites like Manhunt, etc.I was a paying memeber and supported the site every year until three years ago, then I took a year 'break' from paying, paid last year, then took another 'break' this year.I know that a lot of guys all over the web, especially those on the Bear411 Face Book page complain of the owner/webmaster and how he'll ban/delete profiles on a whim.

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