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Three or four female rioters clung to him while he tried to escape.

Don Juan was General of the Royal Army, general director of the Royal Artillery, and Knight of Calatrava and when Don Manuel Flores resigned in 1789, Revillagigedo became the 52nd Viceroy of New Spain holding the office until he died in 1794.

THE EL PASO TIMES described the leader of the Bath Riots as "an auburn-haired Amazon." She sparked an uprising against a policy that would change the course of the history in El Paso and Jurez for decades.

Some even consider her a fronteriza Rosa Parks, yet her name has been mostly forgotten.

Revillagigedo was particularly supportive of the exploration of Alaska, sending several well-organized expeditions.

He had to deal with the Nootka Sound Controversy, in which Spaniards and British differences regarding the control of the Pacific Northwest were more or less settled.

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