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In the meantime the genuine dating types who are honest about their looks, their achievements in life, their humaneness, they tend to lose out.

Often looking at a dating site reminds one of a list of candidates going for a job!

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Dating is a tradition that goes back to the days when Adam was a lad.

This mirrors the same lament single people had of going out night after night to single’s bars and failing to meet the “right one”.

Perhaps we might take stock here and a reality check and remind ourselves that more quantity does not necessarily mean more quality. With all these dating sites too, although they provide the single girl or boy with a lot of dating opportunities and very diverse options, they don’t guarantee the person will find their match any easier.

However with the high-tech dating features many have encouraged the growth of the superficial dating arena.

People post ideal versions of themselves, almost like perfected avatars, some even post fake photos of other people on their profile.

There are literally hundreds of global smart phone dating apps.

People feel more comfortable asking anyone out and there is less of a fuss made about making communication with a potential date.

Technology has made the prospect of meeting more dates within the same time period a seamless process.

Whether this is a good thing or not remains to be seen.

It is still amazing with singles who go online how, many lament how hard it is to meet real, genuine dates on the multiple online sites.

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