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In examination of the motivated regulation of compassion in the context of large-scale crises, such as natural disasters and genocides, much research has established that people tend to feel more compassion for single identifiable victims than large masses of victims (the Identifiable victim effect).It is found that people only show less compassion for many victims than for single victims of disasters when they expect to incur a financial cost upon helping.Compassion is recognized through identifying with other people, the knowledge of human behavior, the perception of suffering, transfer of feelings, knowledge of goal and purpose changes in sufferers, and leads to the absence of the suffering from the group.The compassion process is highly related to identifying with the other person because sympathizing with others is possible among people from other countries, cultures, locations, etc.A possible source of this process of identifying with others comes from a universal category called "Spirit." Toward the late 1970s, very different cultures and nations around the world took a turn to religious fundamentalism, which has occasionally been attributed to "Spirit".This concept has been illustrated throughout history: The Holocaust, Genocide, European colonization of the Americas, etc.

It was found that while the subjects were performing compassionate acts the caudate nucleus and anterior cingulate regions of the brain were activated, the same areas of the brain associated with pleasure and reward.The importance of identifying with others for compassion is contrasted by the negative physical and psychological effects of abandonment.Compassion is often a characteristic element of democratic societies.Compassion for social pain activated this superior/anterior section, to a lesser extent.Activity in the anterior insula related to compassion for social pain peaked later and endured longer than that associated with compassion for physical pain.

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  1. Zangwill concludes his play by wishing, "Peace, peace, to all ye unborn millions, fated to fill this giant continent—the God of our children give you Peace." Expressing his hope that through this forging process the "unborn millions" who would become America's future citizens would become a unified nation at peace with itself despite its ethnic and religious diversity.

  2. Despite countless interviews given by both actors in which they confirm, over and over again, that they are not dating -- and, in fact, Caitriona mentioning that the prospect of constantly having to state, over and over again, that she and her co-star are not dating is "exhausting" -- sites all over the Internet have cropped up talking about how they're "ready to take their relationship to the next level" and how they're carrying on a "steamy love affair" behind the scenes.