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Mayores de edad La dependencia precisó que el trámite de pasaporte realizado en alguna Oficina Estatal o Municipal de Enlace con la SRE, podría tener un costo adicional por el servicio brindado en cada localidad Los interesados para tramitar el pasaporte deberán de solicitar una cita por internet o al teléfono 01800 8010 773.

El pago por derechos federales de pasaporte se realiza en instituciones bancarias.

The applicant acknowledges herein that the fees paid to obtain the condition of stay, is not a guarantee to enter Mexico.

The applicant shall produce a valid and current passport or card passport (Tarjeta Pasaporte), as well as the FMM shall be produced at the time his/her enter is requested.

The applicant must enter the information required by the electronically-obtained Forma Migratoria Múltiple (FMME) for entry by air as it appears in his or her passport.

The applicant states under oath to state the truth that the information and documents provided are true, and is thus aware that should false information be given he or she may be sanctioned in accordance with applicable law.

The information that you provide in the following format must be true.

Providing false information before a migratory authority will be sanctioned with penalties provided by Mexican law, in terms of articles 116 and 118 of the General Law on Population and 247 of the Federal Criminal Code.

Es un servicio gratuito para el público que desee programar una cita para diversos trámites de expedición de documentos en las oficinas consulares de México en Estados Unidos y Canadá (vía telefónica e internet), así como en otras oficinas consulares en el resto del mundo (únicamente vía internet).

The applicant must print the electronically-obtained Forma Migratoria Múltiple (FMME) for entry by air and must submit it at the place intended for international passenger transit where he or she intends to enter.

The applicant must present his or her passport and, if required due to his or her country of citizenship, a valid and non-expired visa, as well as the electronically-obtained Forma Migratoria Múltiple (FMME) for entry by air at the time of applying for entry.

Important: In order to complete and print out your application form, please unblock your Web Browser pop-ups and verify that Adobe Reader is installed on your computer.

This electronic pre-authorization is applicable only for American or Canadian nationals and for permanent residents of such countries, who pretend to enter Mexican territory for tourism, transit or business purposes and require to obtain a temporary import permit for vehicle.

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